Hello.  I am asked all the time if self-deliverance is effective.  My answer is YES.  My recommendation is that you start with a one on one visit with a qualified and trained deliverance minister (I have some listed in the notes of most of my recent videos) but that doesn’t happen for most people.  This is the reason I have this website.  Here are 8 steps that I recommend for you in the order designated.  Step number 8 is an online course by Pastor Vlad.  It is excellent and takes you step by step through deliverance and leads you to other free resources by his church.  I highly recommend you sign up for this course and take it.  God bless you and I pray you receive the freedom you seek and deserve.  Remember that deliverance is a process like peeling an onion.  Whenever you go through some deliverance a few layers are peeled.  It is a lifelong walk with the Lord and Holy Spirit guiding your way.  I created a YouTube channel called “My Daily Walk in Deliverance” and I post videos there.  You are welcome to sign up if you like. Here is a link to my personal testimony on that channel.  My Personal Testimony.  If you want to drop me a line at newharold744@gmail.com that would be fine.  God bless you and grant you the freedom you seek and may He guide your search.  Harold



Prayer built into God inspired songs and music is an effective way to battle the enemy, quiet the demons and give praise to our God.  Godsongs was created with this purpose in mind.  You can go to Godsongs.org or click the button to your right and listen to Godsongs at no charge to you.  If you want to see the lyrics to the songs as the song is playing simply click the music icon next to the volume symbol on the music player.  There are only a few without lyrics.  All music is original and owned by Godsongs.