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Tormented or Desperate?

Are you dealing with depression, Illness or fears? Do you feel trapped and the weight of guilt and the heartache is holding you down? Whether it is addictions, emotional trauma, wounds in the soul, or demonic activity there is hope. Demons are real but they don’t rule!  You can experience freedom from demonic oppression. My name is Harold and I am a grateful believer in the Lord Jesus Christ who set me free from ALL the above.  The Lord Jesus Christ set me free from serious demonic oppression and I believe He is calling me to reach out to others with these live streams to set the captives free with the gift of deliverance which He gave us.  The vast majority of churches will not touch this subject.  I had help and will share from whom and where.  Then I will take you through the same deliverance prayers that set me free and changed my life.
                                                                       All broadcasts are completed.  Links to the videos are listed below.
Broadcasts Completed:
M   “How To Know If You Have Demons”
         Done –  Go to video here.
T    “Prayers Against Rejection, Bitterness and Unforgiveness”
         Done –  Go to video here.
W   “Prayers To Loose Yourself From Demonic Oppression”
         Done –  Go to video here.
Th   “Doctrinal Prayers For Spiritual Warfare”
         DoneGo to video here.
F    “Deliverance Prayers – Cast Out Your Demons – Part I”
  “Deliverance Prayers – Cast Out Your Demons – Part II”
May God bless you and help you to find the relief and healing you need in your life.  Inquiries to